Double Flap Valves / Double Dump Valves

We Design, Manufacture & Supply various types & sizes of Double Flap Valves of highest quality & customized to suit the desired application, for free gravity discharge of material (powder, lumps, grits, etc) while maintaining air seal at discharge point. Widely used in industries viz steel, food, spices, fine chemicals, cement, minerals for applications including air locks in dust control systems, boilers, incinerators, kilns, bulk material handling, abrasive material handling, etc and many more.

Design Configurations
  • Gravity operated by dead weight type double flap valve
  • Motorized double flap valve
  • Pneumatically operated double flap valve
Material of Constructions
  • Carbon Steel
  • All Stainless Steel Grades
  • Abrasive Resistant Material Lined
  • High temperature construction