Rotary Airlock Valves /Rotary Feeders

We Design & Supply various types of Rotary Airlock Valves & Rotary Feeders of highest quality & most efficient customized to the desired application. Over the years of experience Nectar have number of successfully operating installations for wide range of applications across the spectrum of industries viz steel, food, spices, fine chemicals, carbon black, sugar, cement, minerals, petrochemicals and many more.

Nectar rotary valves are rugged, trouble-free performance as feeders and airlocks in both vacuum and low pressure positive systems. We manufacture rotary valves of wide range of sizes, types and materials of construction for versatile use in most of the applications; including air locks in dust control systems, volumetric feeders to maintain constant material feed or discharge as well as feeders in pneumatic conveying systems. Also used as intermittent sealing of air or gas between two equipment working under different pressures.

For Abrasive and Corrosive applications the housing & end covers are internally lined with wear resistant or corrosion resistant steel. It can be hard faced also. Rotor tips are of wear resistant steel & replaceable.

Over the years of our experience we have incorporated number of features for the Rotary Airlock Valves & Feeders which help to use the valves/feeders for many different & difficult applications & processes.

Design Configurations
  • Drop Through Standard Duty
  • Drop Through Heavy Duty
  • Blow Through Type
  • Quick Cleaning Type
  • Side Loading Offset Type
  • Special Customized Size
Material of Constructions
  • Cast Iron
  • Cast Steel
  • Stainless Steel Grades
  • Alloy Steel Grades (High hardness)
  • Abrasive Resistant Material Lined
  • Corrosive Material Resistant Coated
  • Heavy Duty Fabricated (customized)
Inlet & Discharge Flanges
  • Circular as per ANSI drilling
  • Square
  • Rectangular (Customized)
Drive Arrangements
  • Direct coupled
  • Chain & Sprocket Drive
  • V Belt Pulley Drive
  • External VFD drive (Optional)
Type of Rotors
  • Open End Type
  • Semi-open Type
  • Closed End Type
  • Fixed Blades Type
  • Replaceable / Adjustable Blades Type
  • 6 Vanes / 8 Vanes / 10 Vanes Type
  • Deep Pocket Type
  • Shallow Pocket Type (Convex)
  • Shallow Pocket Type (Concave)
  • Quick Cleaning Type
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Zero speed sensor or switch
  • Lantern ring for air purging
  • Shear pin for sprocket for overload protection
  • Inspection window
  • Split type gland packing