Wet Scrubbers

Nectar Design, Engineer, Manufacture & Supply worldwide All types of Wet Scrubbers of highest quality & most efficient, customized to the specific application to remove hazardous, explosive & nuisance dust particles, fumes & mists. Over the years of experience Nectar have number of successfully operating installations across the spectrum of industries viz iron & steel, food, spices, fine chemicals, carbon black, minerals & has variety of applications in Non-ferrous metal industry, petrochemicals, fertilizer, foundries, etc

Nectar Wet Scrubbers are custom designed to handle gas volumes from few meter cube per hour to several thousand meter cube per hour with dust removal or product recovery efficiencies over 99.9%. Simple & economical yet highly efficient with minimum maintenance; Nectar offers Wet Scrubbers in several configuration & combinations to achieve desired system performance.

Design Configurations
  • High energy venturi scrubbers
  • Low energy multi-vane scrubbers
  • Medium energy integral fan scrubbers
  • High efficiency mist eliminators
Material of Constructions
  • Carbon Steel
  • All Stainless Steel Grades
  • High Alloy Steel
  • Wear Resistant Steels
  • Carbon Steel FRP lined
Low Energy Multi-Vane Scrubbers

Low energy multi-vane scrubbers are designed for handling higher inlet dust loads, low pressure drop, less scrubbing liquid requirement & scrubbing efficiency over 99% down to ~ 5 micron.

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High Energy Venturi Scrubbers

High energy venturi scrubbers are designed for effective removal of any noxious gases, particulates, odors, fumes, and dusts from the incoming gas. Sub-micron dust particles are also efficiently scrubbed using higher pressure drop across the venture throat creating high turbulence zone where maximum gas-liquid-dust particle contact and mixing takes place which results effective scrubbing. Scrubbing efficiency of over 99% is achieved down to sub-micron particle size.

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Medium Energy Integral Fan Scrubbers

Medium energy integral fan scrubbers also named as centrifugal dynamic scrubbers are compact; designed for effective dust removal up to 99%+ efficiency down to 1-2 micron range in minimum space with low scrubbing water requirement.

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