Ribbon Blenders

We Design, Manufacture & Supply of U Trough Ribbon blenders / mixers which has unique aspect ratio i.e. blender trough length to diameter ratio. Less blending time combined with minimum power consumption, gentle & high blending & mixing efficiency ensures uniform dispersion & homogeneity of even minority ingredients & powders of varying particle size & bulk densities. Typical applications are dry powders blending, granules blending, liquid addition to powders through spray nozzles in industries like carbon black, pharmaceutical, food, chemicals, spices, pesticides, dyes & pigments & many more. It is also used as a live storage for sticky powders.

Design Configurations
  • U trough ribbon blenders & mixers
  • Cylindrical ribbon blenders & mixers
  • Jacketed ribbon blenders & mixers
Material of Constructions
  • Carbon Steel
  • All Stainless Steel Grades
  • Wear Resistant Steels
Ribbon Blenders & Batch Mixers

Nectar ribbon blender / mixer consist of a horizontal U – shaped or circular trough & inner & outer ribbons. Three dimensional mixing of particles is achieved due to typical radial, axial & across arrangement of ribbons. Ribbons are designed such that while in rotation, each material ingredient reaches to every part of the trough. The amount of material relative movement is the most important criterion in blending. The end product or the mixture becomes completely homogeneous only when the position of each ingredient particles at the beginning is changed & the particles are found at any random location across the trough cross sectional area at the end of the blending operation.

Features : High efficiency ribbon blenders / mixers
  • U trough with top cover
  • Trough volume 25% more than mixture batch size
  • Split type stuffing box & PTFE gland packing provided with lantern ring for air purging
  • Solid shaft
  • Gear & pinion drive arrangement
  • Saddle supports
  • Inspection / access doors for cleaning
  • Circular trough
  • Jacket for cooling / heating
  • Mechanical seal
  • Liquid header & spray nozzles
  • Sanitary / dairy / GMP finish
  • Gear Box & motor or directly coupled geared motor drive arrangement
  • Material discharge valve (Knife gate valve, butterfly valve, Rotary valve etc)