Screw Conveyors

We Design, Manufacture & Supply of various types of precision fabricated & machined Screw Conveyors & Screw Feeders customized to suit the application. These are capable of handling wide variety of materials having relatively good flowability. Screw conveyors are designed & supplied with numerous types & combinations of troughs & screws. Standard U trough, flared trough, multiple inlets & outlets, standard pitch screw flights, short / long pitch flights, tapering flights, double flights, etc are available. Typical applications are in bulk material storage plants, processing plants, chemical plants, iron & steel, cement plants & many more.

Features : Screw Conveyors & Screw Feeders
  • U trough with top cover
  • Trough angle flange
  • Trough filling efficiency below 45%
  • Welded flights
  • Solid end shafts & heavy duty pipe main shaft
  • Flanged bearings
  • Intermediate hanger bearings
  • Inlets & outlets as required
  • Chain & sprocket drive with geared motor
  • Stuffing box & gland packing provided with lantern ring for air purging
Material of Constructions
  • Carbon Steel
  • All Stainless Steel Grades
  • Wear Resistant Steels
  • Hard facing of flights
  • Outboard bearings with plummer blocks
  • Hard facing of screw flights
  • Without hanger bearings
  • Gear box & motor drive
  • Direct coupled geared motor
  • Zero speed sensor or switch